Beyonce Is The Most Grammy-Nominated Woman Ever, So BOW DOWN!

Know your Beyonce Grammy history!

We're just going to say it now: Beyoncé is probably going to dominate The Grammys in 2015 -- just like she did the 2014 VMAs. Yup, Queen Bey has already made history and the big night isn't even here yet. She's officially the most Grammy-nominated woman of ALL TIME. Dare I say it? BOW DOWN.

Bey now officially has 52 Grammy nominations, including Album Of The Year, officially ending the tie she previously had with Dolly Parton at 46 noms and rocketing her to the top.

In honor of what is sure to be the most Beyoncé-d Grammy Awards ever (which is saying a lot because she's dominated past Grammys, too) let's run down some fast facts about Bey's gramophone-laden past...

Beyoncé has won 17 Grammys to date -- and likely requires a mantel bigger than that of any common person on which to hold them.

The 46th Annual Grammy Awards - Press Room

In 2009, Bey became the first female artist to win six Grammys in one year -- Sasha Fierce, indeed.


Queen Bey had been nominated for 46 Grammys up until today -- which she is probably spending bathing in the glimmer of the millions of stars that is her essence.

52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Beyonce scored her first nomination in 2000 as a member of Destiny's Child -- you know, back when Lorde was a toddler.

The 42nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

She's currently tied at seventh place with David Foster for most Grammy-nominated artist overall. Let's see if we can fix that...


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