Mitt Romney 'Free' To Use Kid Rock's Song

'I make music to have people hear it,' he tells MTV News about 'Born Free.'

Kid Rock hasn't been shy about showing his support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, performing at his rallies, speaking on his behalf and, perhaps most prominently, giving the campaign its official anthem: his 2010 hit "Born Free."

And though he may be firmly in Romney's corner, Rock had to meet with the GOP hopeful before he'd allow his camp to use the song ("Mitt Romney sat down with me," Rock told MTV News. "We had a conversation"), but he has no qualms about the fact that "Born Free" can currently be heard blasting at most Romney rallies. The way he sees it, politics don't have much to do with it -- he just wants his music to be heard by as many folks as possible.

"They asked me if they could use the song, and I was being a wisenheimer about it. ... I was like, 'Yeah, go ahead,' " Rock laughed. "I make music to have people hear it, and I'm not about to dictate at what level they want to listen or hear it at; that doesn't matter to me."

[uma_snippet id="1694907"] In fact, though he's decidedly conservative, that's the same tact Rock struck in his recent [article id="1695357"]"Americans" short film[/article], which features him and avowed liberal Sean Penn putting aside their differences for the greater good. And he hopes more Americans will follow suit.

"People are so angry at each other [over] their viewpoints," he said. "We can still have a conversation and be friends and be cordial and maybe enlighten each other on some views. Thinking differently is what made this country great; people are so up-in-arms about the whole thing. It's like, 'Don't let this tear our country apart, man. We're too good for that.' "

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