Omarion, Marques Team Up With 'Served' Director For More Films

The three have formed a production company called Franchise Boys.

Step back, Hollywood, you're about to get served. Omarion and Marques Houston have teamed up with Chris Stokes, the writer/director behind their 2004 dance-battle drama, to start their own film-production company called Franchise Boys.

On tap for the fledgling filmmakers is "The House," a horror flick starring Omarion; Marques' sentimental romantic comedy, "Warner League"; and two dance movies in which the duo will take center stage: "Soldier" and the on-again/ off-again sequel to "You Got Served."

"We weren't going to do a ['You Got Served'] sequel at first because me and Omari, we was like, 'We don't want to touch it, let it stay a classic,' " Marques said. "But so many people came up to us and said, 'Where is "U Got Served 2"?' "

Marques said if and when "Served 2" ramps up, he and Omarion will be the primary stars and the estranged members of B2K won't be on board. "We don't want it to be the same, but we don't want to be too different," he explained.

In "Soldier," however, Marques and Omarion won't be dancing for the same team. In fact, the two won't even play friends in that flick, which centers on the world of krump dancing (see [article id="1486576"]"Krumping: If You Look Like Bozo Having Spasms, You're Doing It Right"[/article]).

"It's kind of like a street movie," Omarion explained. "It's like 'You Got Served' in the sense of the streets, but me and Marques don't like each from the top all the way till the end."

"It's a battle on the streets," Marques elaborated. "Me and Omarion, we're not enemies, but we're from two different sides. We grew up together, but we had a split somewhere down the line. He's like this big-time choreography superstar, and I'm the one that stayed in the 'hood to take care of my mom when my father died. I wasn't able to chase my dreams. He comes back, and it's a battle of who's the king of the streets."

Marques is also looking forward to a film of his own called "Warner League," for which he'll team up with some youngsters.

"It's a football movie. It's the story of these little bad kids from the ghetto," he said. "I play this character, a sharp businessman. He gets sentenced to community service. He goes to the community center and there are the baddest kids, mouths like sailors. [My character] ends up falling for the kids and falling for a lady who works for the center. He takes the kids under his wing. It's a good story."

The big question for Marques is when he'll find time in his busy schedule to shoot movies. He's already shooting his TV series "Cuts" five days a week and hitting the road to promote Naked, a new LP due May 24. It's the second straight solo set in an already lengthy career.

"The first album [MH] was my separation album, proving I can stand alone as a solo artist," he said. "I made the whole transition from Immature to IMX to Marques Houston. This album, I came to Chris [Stokes] and said, 'I want everybody to know I'm a man now. I want everybody to know I'm older, more mature.' It's a growth album."

Houston said he named the album Naked because there's nothing to hide with his music, and the topics are more realistic. The first single is "All Because of You," which deals with the timeless scenario of boy meets girl, boy dogs girl out, and boy wants just one more chance to prove he's changed. The LP also features "Sex With You" and (of course) "Naked."

Meanwhile, Omarion already went to numero uno with his solo debut, O (see [article id="1497649"]"Omarion's Solo Debut Tops Albums Chart"[/article]), and with his next single, he wants to make you dance.

"It's this joint with Pharrell," Omarion said of "Touch." "It's kinda like something that happens when you're being affectionate. It's a clever way me and Pharrell did it."

In the song's video, Omarion said, he'll break out some new dance moves.

"You already know I'm gonna be killing it," he said. "[Dancing] is like your spirit talking. When you're repressed or stressed out you can take all your energy out on dancing. I find myself getting krumped or getting buck all the time. This music industry, and entertainment, can really stress you out."

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