Charli XCX And Diplo Ride Armored Dolphins Through Space In Mind-Boggling 'Spicy' Video

Then they party with the phreaky porpoises outside of a diner

It's scorching outside. What better way to celebrate than with a new collaboration from Charli XCX and Diplo blazing onto your screen? To partner with it, what could be more awesome than a futuristic video that showcases how the world looks above ground and below it down the line? And even more cool, how about if the song pays homage to the Spice Girls?

Enter "Spicy," the new Charli and Diplo team-up that is cooler than you could even imagine. Its accompanying music video is adorably innovative and involves magical dolphins. Prepare for the summer, and the future, with this epic team-up.

"Spicy" shouts out the Spice Girls as a rework of their iconic 1996 hit, "Wannabe." It retains the group's alluring aesthetic as Charli XCX sings about infatuation, temptation, and lust. "If you want to get with me, better make it fast," she sings. Diplo and French producer Herve Pagez create the steamy atmosphere for Charli, whose moaning vocals will make you loosen the buttons on your collar.

The accompanying video is a futuristic world of tech (iPhones still exist) and bright neon lights that decorate cartoonish dystopian city backdrops. Eventually, Charli, Diplo, and Pagez all come together with magically multi-colored dolphins for a supremely weird dance routine. Maybe the hot weather and the steamy atmosphere of the song has made them delirious.

Enjoy "Spicy" because it seems like Diplo is taking his trek into country music as Thomas Wesley pretty serious. He released a square-dancing anthem, "So Long," with Cam earlier this month. In the accompanying video, he traveled to the Stagecoach Festival and linked up with Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Watch the strange and wonderful "Spicy" video above.

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