Lecrae Calls His #1 Album A Case Of 'David And Goliath'

The rapper reflects on his album topping the charts.

Lecrae has been building a fervent fanbase for over a decade, with a Grammy and a few #1 Gospel albums under his belt. With his latest, though, Anomaly, which dropped earlier this month, he reached a new pinnacle: The #1 album in the country, topping the Billboard 200.

"I was definitely excited," Lecrae told MTV News on Friday (September 19). "But I was excited more because it's almost like a David and Goliath type of situation, where you have a real, real indie artist, independent label. And it caused people to think, and question, and wrestle with why and how and what it's all attributed to. I like that it caused a little commotion in the industry, and hopefully it will push people to really get back to making dope music, being real, being authentic and communicating what's on their heart."

As he's continued to gain more mainstream recognition in recent years, the Houston-born rapper has earned followers that come to him for his technical rapping ability as much as for his Christian-based content.

"I think this was an album that, musically, people didn't argue with; they didn't push back on it," he says of reconciling the multiple sides of himself and his fans. "Obviously, there are a couple tracks that were catered to a more contemporary Christian audience, and that's a demographic that I understand, that I know probably an urban or hip-hop listener probably is just like scratching their head at.

"But think, overall, they're like, 'OK. Alright. I'm not questioning why the album is touted and promoted like it is, because I actually can hear good, quality music.'"

To celebrate the milestone, Lecrae dropped some more good, quality music this week. You can listen to "Non-Fiction" below.

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