Kid Cudi Admits He's 'Over Rapping'


By Hillary Crosley with reporting by Steven Roberts

It's no secret that Ohio's own Kid Cudi is more partial to a note than a verse. From Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 album to the soundtrack for Kanye West's "Runaway" film, Cudi has proven his knack for nailing the nexus of hip-hop and singing, while maintaining rap's ethos.

However, with the release date of his sophomore album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager on the way on November 9, the G.O.O.D. Music MC says his days of spitting may be coming to a close.

"I'm just over rapping, I don't get any fulfillment out of it anymore," Kid Cudi told MTV News. "I just don't get fulfillment out of writing a 16, that's why you never really hear me on Kanye joints like that. Well, for two reason; he's f---ing dope, and I'm not gon' be rapping on 'Ye records and getting bodied all the time. Number two, I'm just not passionate about it. I'm more passionate when he be like 'Yo Cudi, come up with a hook or something.' He asks me to put verses down and sh-- but I try to procrastinate or disappear or something."

Cudi says he's not only disinterested in rhyming but he feels that many MCs aren't succinct.

"Laziness kinda worked in my favor because it helped me develop a skill to write everything I want to say in a little amount of time," admitted Cudi. "I don't need three verses to tell you that I love marijuana so that's why there's only one on that song. Some people'll do three verses on a song, and it's like 'man, you don't need all that.' Just do one verse and let's do some music, let's just have some stuff going on and pull people into another world while they're grooving. It's like the rap is the thesis and now, let's just chill and vibe out."

Moving forward, Cudi might even following in Lil Wayne's footsteps by picking up a new toy.

"I just really get more fulfillment out of singing now, I'm teaching myself the guitar, that's my new found love," said Cudi. "I just never thought I could play an instrument, [but I] picked it up and surprised myself. It's been two and a half months since I've been playing and I'm already starting my next project. It's a rock album I'm doing a band with [Dot Da Genius] and I also got Chip Da Ripper stuff. I've just been trying to stay busy and work and develop ... like burst mode."

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