Demi Lovato Admits Her Tour Is '90 Percent' Nick Jonas

The 'Neon Lights' singer tells MTV News why her former 'Camp Rock' co-star is perfect as her creative and musical director.

BURBANK, California -- With only a few more days to go, the countdown is officially on for Demi Lovato's much anticipated Neon Lights tour.

With the promise to "blow your mind" Lovato is pulling out all the stops for the tour, which kicks off Sunday in Vancouver, including friend Nick Jonas who has signed on to be the creative and musical director behind the tour.

On Wednesday (February 5) MTV News stopped by Lovato's tour rehearsal in Burbank, California where she took a break, along with Jonas, to reveal just how their latest collaboration came together.

"Phil [Demi's manager] and I were going through ideas for the tour and I always want his [Nick's] opinion on stuff cause he knows exactly what he's talking about," Lovato said. "And he had visions for this tour and he threw out some ideas and they were really good and we just thought 'Why don't you just do the whole tour, please?' so it's turned out amazing and like 90 percent is his work."

Jonas said he is marking this time in his life as a "season of transition" as he says goodbye to the Jonas Brothers, who split in October, and begins the next phase of his career, which includes his own music and acting. However, he decided to side-step that for the moment for this exciting opportunity.

"I love my relationship with Demi and our friendship," Jonas said. "The fact that she asked me to come in and sort of help take her visions and her dreams and turn them into a reality onstage was an honor and the show looks amazing and I think this is going to be the best show she has put on for her fans."

Lovato continued, "I have ideas and he makes them happen and then he also has really amazing ideas and sometimes it's like before he even says them they are in my head, so it's pretty amazing how well we work together."

This isn't the first time the two have worked together. Lovato said that they have been writing songs together since they were 15. Along with starring alongside the JoBros in 2008's "Camp Rock," she was their opening act on tour and collaborated with the boys on her 2008 debut album, Don't Forget.

And it's because they have built such a close friendship over the years that it made their working relationship so much easier.

"Our relationship as friends allows us to be transparent with each other and just lay it out," Jonas said. "What makes it uncomfortable in these settings is when we have to tip-toe around things, but we can just throw it out and know that there is trust there and we are just both trying to put together a great show for her."

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