Lil Nas X Performs 'Old Town Road' On TV For The First Time

He brought the tune to 'Desus & Mero' and was crowned the 'Prince Of Country' by its hosts

Lil Nas X performed "Old Town Road" for the first time live at Stagecoach last month, bringing out Billy Ray Cyrus to provide the audience of the country music festival a horse-rearing experience of epic proportions. To top that, the young artist made his first televised performance of the record on Showtime's Desus & Mero and made it surprisingly intimate.

The show's hosts, Desus and Mero, pulled up to a hometown barbecue restaurant and caught up with Lil Nas X, who "happened" to be in the building with his band and "coincidentally" had his microphone with him. After a brief interview about the song's success and what it feels like to be embraced by the country music community, the artist took the stage in a cowboy hat that would make John Wayne jealous, a shimmering, electric red jacket, and glistening diamond teeth — a marvelous combination. The simple performance took place on a small stage and was intimate with a crowd humming along to the melody. Lil Nas jumped around and had Desus and Mero even milly-rocking to the show.

Lil Nas X also stuck around for a rousing game of "Country Or Nah" after the performance. Desus and Mero spit the names of things at him in rapid succession and he had to name if he considers it country or not. Some of his country highlights are buying are hot sauce, Nelly, and stepping in horse shit.

Check out the performance and the game afterward up above.

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