Taylor Swift Relives High School In New Video For 'Fifteen'

The clip debuts Friday night on CMT special 'Fifteen Swiftly-Made Videos.'

[artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] is "Fifteen" all over again in the new music video for her song of the same name. The video will make its official debut Friday night (October 9) on CMT after a special about the singer titled "Fifteen Swiftly-Made Videos."

The 90-minute special will include Swift's entire video collection, including fan favorites like "Teardrops on My Guitar," "Love Story" and the VMA-winning "You Belong With Me." It will also include performances from other CMT specials like "Studio 330 Sessions" and "CMT Crossroads: Def Leppard and Taylor Swift," reports

The "Fifteen" video, however, has already found its way online. In it, Swift, in her signature curls, a little white dress and barefoot, travels through a dreamlike montage of scenes from high school. The video also includes her friend Abigail, who much of the lyrics are about, as they go through various situations of teen life, including having your heart broken by a boy.

Throughout most of the video Swift plays her acoustic guitar, moving through fields and through various surreal scenes of high school life while singing about how in high school you think your first boyfriend is so important until you realize you want to do other things with your life. It ends with Swift in the real world, all grown up, looking at the student she once was.

Swift plans to re-release Fearless, the album that "Fifteen" is on, later this month; the re-release will include several new songs. When she originally put out the LP last November, she spoke to MTV News about how the songs were [article id="1599032"]inspired by her own life[/article].

"I like to write personal songs," she said. "I like to write songs that are very obviously about people. It's kind of hard to change your stripes. I like to write songs about love, and I like to write songs about relationships, and I like to write songs about boys."

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