New Video: Big Boi, 'Apple Of My Eye'

Big Boi wants to satisfy his girl's appetite in the video for "Apple Of My Eye."

We certainly aren't perfect when it comes dieting (every day that ends in "y" counts as a cheat day). So you can imagine our shock when we saw Big Boi turn down a double-fried Reuben sandwich and a mac-and-cheese cake from a food truck run by internet chefs/bacon masters Epic Meal Time in his latest video for "Apple Of My Eye" (off Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors). Because if that were US, there's no way in hell we'd leave that food truck with only an apple (and a SMALL apple at that). But that's exactly what Big Boi does: He turns down some greasy artery-busting meals for a piece of fruit (but's a metaphor).

Watch Big Boi's "Apple Of My Eye" video after the jump.

Backed by crooner Jake Troth, Big Boi spends much of the video rhyming, singing, and grooving with a jazzy-funky band he calls the Sons Of Thunder. In fact, the upbeat vibe is totally reminiscent of Big Boi's fun-loving days with former OutKast partner-in-crime Andre 3000 (think: "Hey Ya"), but don't worry, Big Boi! We respect your decision to stay apart (even if we don't understand it). Our only real question is, how would Big Boi's new bestie, Martha Stewart, feel about him hanging with other food gurus like Epic Meal Time? (Something tells us that those two aren't exactly exchanging recipes.) Either way, he's inspired us to keep it healthy for lunch today. We'll take the small bag of potato chips, please!

+ Watch Big Boi's "Apple Of My Eye" video.

Photo credit: UMG