Here's Every 'Frozen' Gift You're Going To Be Forced To Buy This Christmas

'Let it go,' and by 'it' we mean 'your money.'

It's the end of June, so you know you know what that means: time to start thinking about Holiday presents! Or at least, that was the message at Disney Consumer Products' holiday fair, which aimed to get buyers for major stores and journalists alike excited about their holiday products, in preparation for the shelves (and stockings) getting stuffed later this year.

And yes, there was a full array of "Star Wars" stuff and "Guardians of the Galaxy" toys, but one message rang loud and clear beyond all the others: let it go.

The "Frozen" anthem was a playable feature on multiple toys when MTV News walked through for a demo, and beyond your usual array of dolls and toys, there's something from the line for everyone from Ice Queen, to Fixer-Upper.

Here's every single "Frozen" gift your niece (or nephew [or literally any human being on planet Earth]) is going to force you to buy this holiday season:


Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset

The "Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset" from Mattel will set you back nearly $100, and is available now.

Jakks Pacific

Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

Yup, you're going to own this Elsa baby doll. Sorry. It's $34.99, and will debut in the Fall.


Frozen: Hide-and-Hug Olaf: A Fun Family Experience

Guaranteed to be one of the biggest sellers when released on October 28, this all original story featuring Olaf includes a huggable snowman inside, and will retail for $26.99.


Frozen Animators'

For the high end collector of children's toys, there's this Animators' Collection gift set, which will set you back $99.95 and is available this Fall only at the Disney Store.


Frozen Olaf Plush Backpack

Maybe Disney was surprised by the success of lovable snowman Olaf, despite putting him above the two princesses in their ad campaign? They've corrected it this Winter with plenty of accessories focusing on the ol' sun-lover, starting with this Plush backpack, available in the Fall for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $18-$20.

Just Play

Frozen Sing & Swing Olaf

Another Olaf, this one moves and sings, and is sporting his "In Summer" olde timey hat. It'll also be available this Fall, for a SRP of $24.99.


Frozen Cool Tunes Sing-Along Boombox

Get it? It's a Cool Tunes Sing-Along Boombox, because "Frozen" is about ice and snow and winter and oh you got it okay. SRP: $29.99, available this Fall.

JAKKS Pacific

Frozen Anna Musical Light Up Dresses

JAKKS Pacific

Frozen Elsa Musical Light Up Dresses

Just in case you weren't sick of the songs yet, these two dresses have a gem in the front your kid can press, and play the characters' signature song on demand. The dresses also light up while they're playing "For The First Time In Forever" and "Let It Go" respectively, because kids like to be super stealthy. They'll be available this Fall, and are $34.99 each and oh god why won't they stop playing that dress?

JAKKS Pacific

Frozen Crystal Kingdom Vanity

I'm just going to guess this $49.99 Frozen Crystal Kingdom Vanity from JAKKS Pacific sings "Let It Go" even though I didn't demo it, because why wouldn't it sing "Let It Go?" The other day I was eating a sandwich, and I'm pretty sure it very quietly said, "I am one with the wind and the sky." Maybe I imagined that. Not sure.

Stride Rite

Frozen Anna & Elsa Stride Rite Cozy Boot

$48, available in the Fall from Stride Rite, and probably don't sing. Maybe.

Stride Rite

Frozen Anna & Elsa Stride Rite Wish Lights Sneakers

$52 from Stride Rite, and they may not sing, but they do sparkle and glow. Like the snow at night! Or something.


Frozen Sing-Along Storybook

That this sing-along storybook doesn't exist yet (it'll hit stores on October 14, for $17.99) kind of underlines how unprepared Disney was for the depth of interest in "Frozen." Anyway, celebrate the one year anniversary (almost) of the film by singing "Let It Go" for the one billionth time.

Idea Nuova

Frozen Olaf Bean Bag

This $29.99 beanbag will only be available at Kohls and Walmart, release date TBD. It actually splits into three parts, which means you can put an Olaf head in someone's bed as a warning or something.

Jakks Pacific

Frozen Olaf Snow Cone Maker

This is just like in the movie, when Olaf pukes ice cream out of his stomach! Remember that part? That was a good part. Anyway, price of this sno-cone maker is $24.99, and it will hit stores in October.


Frozen Anna & Elsa Ice Skating 2-Pack Doll Set

I could be wrong, as I don't know my Disney dolls that well, but I think these are the basic Anna and Elsa dolls, but with ice skates. Regardless, they'll only be available through the Disney store this Fall, for $34.95.


Frozen Olaf Costume

I just can't even with this kids costume. There's something about wearing someone's head on your head that just creeps me out... Which makes it perfect for Halloween! Luckily, this Olaf costume will be available at Disney Stores starting in August, for $39.95. Meanwhile, your nightmares will last forever.


Elsa Costume

This Elsa costume will be $49.95, also in August, also at the Disney Store. But wait, you say, what about Anna? And are there accessories? Yes:


Elsa Tiara

Elsa Tiara, $14.95 at the Disney Store.


Anna Costume

Anna Costume, $49.95 at the Disney Store.


Anna Costume

Entirely different Anna Costume, also $49.95 at the Disney Store.


Anna Tiara

Anna Tiara, because even though I don't think she wears one in the movie god help you if one little girl gets an Elsa Tiara, and the girl stuck wearing the Anna costume doesn't also have a tiara. $14.95, Disney Store.


Anna Boots

$24.95! Disney Store! Actually pretty nice looking.


Frozen Deluxe Elsa Dress

Alternately, you can wear this Elsa dress celebrating sisterz together for only $39.95, from the Disney Store.


Elsa Deluxe Gown Sleepwear with Cape

Continue the adventure while you're sleeping with this deluxe gown and cape! Only $32.95 from the Disney Store starting in September, and we guarantee you'll spend all night dreaming of trolls and reindeer.


Olaf PJ Pal

The Olaf PJ Pal isn't just pajamas, it's your best friend. It's maybe your only friend. Obey the pajamas. $16.95 from Disney Store, available now.


Olaf Slippers

Pair the PJs up with these $14.95 Disney Store slippers, and your feet will always feel like they're, "in summer!" Available now, which is also in summer.


Frozen Pop-Up Magic board games

Continuing Hasbro's line of pop-up board games, this one lets you play as any of the main characters, costs $12.99, and is available now. Pop pop!


Disney Frozen Karaoke

Board games to Y2K for you? Then download "Disney Karaoke: Frozen" for only $7.99, and never, ever stop singing "Let It Go." This is available now.


Frozen Ice Skating Anna & Elsa Dolls

The Disney Store exclusive too rich for your blood? Save ten bucks by picking up Mattel's $24.99 Anna and Elsa skating dolls this August.


Frozen Mix '

And finally, an Olaf toy that would melt even our frozen hearts, a $24.95 Mr. Potato Head style Olaf that lets you mix and match his parts, building your own. It's only available at the Disney Store, date TBD.