'Man of Steel' Sequel Coming Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Opening week, schmopening week; it's time to talk about that already-was-inevitable-but-now-it's-for-really-real sequel to "Man of Steel."

In a nutshell: It's happening (of course) and all the key players are back on board in some capacity. Yippee skippy!

Per Deadline, Warner Bros., perhaps riding high on all that congratulatory and otherwise fuzzy advanced buzz, is totes ready to wave the Krypton green flag on "Man of Steel 2" right about now, with inked deals to have Zack Snyder return as director while sending screenwriter David S. Goyer back to his Clark Kent-style typewriter to punch away at the script for movie two of their hopeful Superman-to-"Justice League" franchise.

The only real question mark at this time revolves around what Christopher Nolan'll have to do with the picture — ya know, apart from inspiring Batman-centric Easter Eggs in the film and such. The "Dark Knight" guru played a big part in developing "Man of Steel," even going so far as to help Goyer pen the script, but for "MOS2," his involvement won't be so quote-unquote "full blown." Whatever that means.

This is all gliding on the fast track, of course, so expect to hear loads more about how the hunky Henry Cavill is finally on his way to the big time and tons of rampant speculation about who'll serve as Kal-El's next big nemesis.

For now, though, do feel free to enjoy these mixed-reactionary bits from the Twitterverse, eh?

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