4 Proposals That Helped Change America’s Views On Gay Marriage

A look at gay couples who proposed to their soulmates in really touching ways.

Since marriage equality has been legal in the entire United States for four glorious days, all I’ve been thinking about is how my (for now, future) love story will play out.

Will I meet-cute my future husband at a Soho coffee shop? Spill a hot drink on him, and apologize for my clumsiness as our eyes meet for the first time, but not the last? Will I then, after a whirlwind romance, propose to him in the most romantic and public of ways, while wearing a life-sized coffee cup costume with all of his friends and family in tow? Will I be holding a sign saying “Love you latte”? Only time will tell.

Till then, I decided to take a look at some lovely gay couples who have already found their soulmates, and proposed to them in creative and public ways.

The Macklemore Proposal

You could say Danielle Renae started the trend of posting gay marriage proposals online for all to see. Way back in summer of 2013, when decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 were still up in the air, Danielle was brought on an Omaha, Nebraska stage by Macklemore after a performance of “Same Love”. It was there that she proposed to her now wife, Michelle, to cheers and tears.

The Home Depot Proposal

If you think about it, Home Depot is the perfect place to propose to someone. If you’re planning on building a life with that person, and if they say yes, then you can just walk around the store afterwards and pick out what your marital home will look like. It’s really quite genius. Spencer Stout took it a step further by having family and friends dance to ‘Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who before popping the big question.

The Bus Proposal

The way Jeanne Sickel proposed to her love Alissa is probably my favorite proposal of all time. When I think of how I would react to someone I love proposing to me from the top of a city bus in front of my job, I would be freaking out a lot more than she was in this video. That Alissa Haslam -- she has decorum.

The Balcony Proposal

This one sort of reminds me of the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, except our Romeo is proclaiming his love from a balcony instead of towards one (and another Romeo.) Actor Lucas Bane initially decided that he would simply propose to David Devora in Christmas lights, but as time went on, he kept thinking of things to add to the proposal (like choreographed dancers) until “it became a big production”. And thank goodness for that — it’s one of the most entertaining proposals that I've seen.

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