The Only Thing Missing From Lil Tjay And Lil Wayne's 'Leaked' Circus Is Harley Quinn

What happens under the Big Top stays under the Big Top

If you don't know much about rising 18-year-old New York rapper Lil Tjay, "Leaked" is a pretty good place to start. The song, which dropped on his 2019 album True 2 Myself, feels like one continuous breath from Tjay himself laying out his his grind, rise, and his shine. "Ask about me, bet they tell you how my name ring / And I know they gon' hate 'cause I'm up now / I'm at the point where I don't really give a fuck now," he raps. You believe him.

The title of "Leaked" comes from a telling line — "Someone in my circle started leaking all my songs" — but one that Lil Tjay doesn't particularly care about. It doesn't matter how his music got out there; it did, and now he's rapping alongside Lil Wayne on the remix. The song's circus-themed video, which dropped today (December 20), finds the pair flexing outside the Big Top in wonderfully lavish outfits amid a squadron of burlesque-attired co-stars.

Weezy kicks things off here, rapping about putting thumbs in places we can't mention here as he holds a blunt and his trademark styrofoam cup with arms ensconced in a wonderful pink robe. His contributions are matched by a veritable showcase of women in lingerie and some open flames. But by the time Lil Tjay takes over, things get a little more raucous.

"Juggalo face paint" feels wrong here, but it's getting close to describe the look of the backup dancers flanking Tjay as he dives straight into his verse. This song has no real chorus, though the video's visual refrains are impossible to miss: devilish fire-eaters, general impishness, and ass. The whole roadshow is directed by Gil Green, who's also helmed similarly opulent clips for DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Cats star Jason Derulo, and more.

By the time we part ways with the stars here, Lil Tjay has made his way to a fortune teller and posed in front of her crystal ball as she flips over tarot cards reading, you guessed it, "SEX" and "MONEY." It's a trip. You know how all those early Cats reviews characterized it as somehow both "horny" and "bewildering"? "Leaked" is like that — but less bewildering and more sumptuous.

In other words, this clip is a sexy feast to be savored. Get your knives out and see it go down in all its mischievous glory in the video above (and catch it today on MTV Live and mtvU).

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