Extended Version Of 'God Level' Surfaces... Momentarily

Yeezy's aggressive streak continues on the new leak.

On Yeezus, Kanye West professed, "I Am A God," and now, the rapper seems to be taking it to a "God Level," with his new track.

The song first surfaced over the weekend as part of an Adidas commercial for their "All or Nothing" campaign. The ad included only a snippet, but the company reportedly uploaded a longer version to their Soundcloud account -- and it was then ripped and posted to YouTube by fans. But just as quickly as the fan-uploaded version surfaced, it was taken down.

The extended song, which still clocks in at under three minutes, doesn't include many more lyrics than what we already heard. Instead, it's mostly an extension of the beat, which was reportedly produced by West, Hudson Mohawke, 88-Keys, Mike Dean, and Noah Goldstein.

"You see it's sharks in the water/ And they ain't tryna do nothin' but put c--ks in your daughter/ Don't say nothin' 'bout what 'Ye said/ Don't move motherf--ker, play dead," Yeezy raps, over a dark, percussive beat.

This certainly seems like an extended version -- but that doesn't mean it's the "full" version. Those familiar with Kanye West and his music know that the Chicago native is incredibly meticulous when it comes to his output, and oftentimes is working on songs until the final hour.

"Nobody heard that full version yet," tweeted Mowhawke, teasing to a more evolved version of the song, which we can't wait to hear.

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