Memory Lane: These Are The Season 2 All Stars Newbies' Original Cast Photos

Before 'The Challenge,' there was 'Real World' and 'Road Rules'

The Season 2 All Stars are embarking on "one more fight to set things right." But before the Challenge legends get a "do over" beginning November 11-- some haven't competed in years and years -- we're remembering their MTV roots. That's right: It's the All Stars newbies' original cast photos from deep in our archives -- and here's the returning players from Season 1, in case you missed it several months back.

From Real World to Road Rules (and a bit of Fresh Meat), these images were the first taste of the young adults' debut on the network. From posing in new real cities while living with seven strangers to hitting the road and soaking up the temporary locations, they all have the same fresh-faced energy. And they are sure to make you feel some major nostalgia.

  • Ayanna Mackins

    Road Rules: Semester at Sea

  • Brad Fiorenza
    Zach Cordner

    The Real World: San Diego

  • Casey Cooper

    Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat

  • Cohutta Grindstaff

    The Real World: Sydney

  • Derek Chavez

    The Real World: Cancun

  • Jodi Weatherton
    Zach Cordner

    Road Rules: X-Treme

  • Janelle Casanave

    The Real World: Key West

  • Jasmine Reynaud

    The Real World: Cancun

  • Leah Gillingwater
    Rudy Archuleta

    The Real World: Paris

  • Melinda Collins
    Michael Muller

    The Real World: Austin

  • MJ Garrett

    The Real World: Philadelphia

  • Ryan Kehoe

    Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat

  • Tina Barta
    Andrew Shapter

    Road Rules: South Pacific

  • Tyler Duckworth

    The Real World: Key West

A note: Sophia Pasquis and Steve Meinke from Road Rules: The Quest are not featured in this listicle -- but they will be back beginning on November 11 and you can see their new cast photos here.