This Woman Got Ghosted By Her BFF From Middle School

But Rachel and Travis are on the case to get some much-needed answers

Naimah and Maher became pals in middle school back in 2006, but now the latter is a ghost. And Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills are going to help Naimah find out why Maher vanished.

In a sneak peek of tonight's brand-new Ghosted: Love Gone Missing episode -- which is part of MTV's special "Love Gone Wrong" week -- Naimah gives the co-hosts the background on her perplexing situation.

"In January 2017, I sent an email to Maher, and I never got a response. But I didn't think anything of it," she said of her buddy, who she met in the seventh grade. "It wasn't until the following year that I kept actively searching for him. This was October 2018. He wasn't coming up on Facebook or Instagram, and he wasn't responding to my text messages."

What happens when the trio attempts to call Maher? And what prompts Naimah to cry? Watch the clip to find out, and do not miss the brand-new episode tonight at 7/6c.