How To Navigate Relationships In 2020 (According To Guy Code And Girl Code Alums)

Get a hint or two in a sneak peek of the upcoming '2020 Code' special

Guy Code and Girl Code always often tackled the topic of relationships. And while we all know that "2020 sucks!", thankfully, we have the unforgettable MTV comedians helping single folks navigate the world of dating.

"The only thing I care about is do you have enough space in your apartment?" comedian Annie Lederman quips about her ideal partner checklist in the clip above, taken from the 2020 Code special (airing tonight). "Have you been tested for STDs? Have you been tested for coronavirus?"

But there are other requirements she has -- and Godzilla is involved. Hear her humorous take, and do not miss 2020 Code tonight at 9/8c only on MTV!