'There's No Way In Hell': Kamie Has Doubts In This Catfish Sneak Peek

The show's first-ever virtual season kicks off on August 5

It looks like the inaugural episode of Catfish is off to a Catfishy start.

In a sneak peek of the debut episode, airing on August 5, Nev and Kamie listen -- and nonchalantly text each other -- as Jason opens up about his online beau Keith.

"I brought up marriage," the love hopeful tells the detectives, as his pal who wrote the MTV duo listens in on the chat. "And I would like to create my own family. So it's something that's on the table."

But as Jason elaborates on his past attempts to meet up with Keith, Nev and Kamie are skeptical that Keith is actually Keith.

"There's no way in hell this guy Keith is legit," Kamie messages Nev.

What prompts her to make this prediction? Watch the clip to find out -- and do not miss the premiere of the first-ever virtual Catfish episode on Wednesday, August 5 at 8/7c!