Lauren Jauregui Brushes The Bullshit Aside In Her Soothing '50ft.' Video

She celebrates family, friendship, and keeping her clique 'exclusive'

Lauren Jauregui's "50ft." couldn't have come at a more appropriate time.

Though it was made long before the days of quarantining and self-isolating, Jauregui unintentionally champions social distancing on her latest release by vowing to protect herself from negative people. "Push the negative to the side / So it's not in front of my eyes / Outta sight, outta mind / I need more than 50 feet," she sings on the breezy and soulful track, which arrived on Friday (April 17). She continues by echoing the sounds and sentiments of her recent single "Lento" by asserting that she's "not here for any of the bullshit" and by singing a bit of the second verse in Spanish.

Even more poignant is the track's accompanying video, which was filmed in December at Jauregui's family home in Florida. In it, we see the 23-year-old enjoy a beautiful day with her family and close circle of friends. It's a touching picture of a simpler time, and a reminder that being together under one roof is a privilege.

On Instagram, Jauregui revealed that she wrote the new song "from a space of reflection on how I interact with the world energetically." She continued, "the artwork truly encapsulates the feeling of distance, spoken about in the song, while asserting the closeness of my relationship to my loved ones (pictured with me are my mom and sister, who hold me the fuck down always and forever in the midst of it all)."

"50ft." follows last month's sultry "Lento," as well as Jauregui's Birds of Prey track "Invisible Chains" and her collaboration with Tainy and C. Tangana, "Nada." The former Fifth Harmony singer's long-awaited debut album is on the horizon, and judging from what we've heard so far, it'll be a decidedly negative-free body of work.