Will Jordan Last On The Challenge Without His 'Other Half' Tori?

She urged him to 'keep your head high'

Tori was left in the dust to dust during tonight's Challenge episode -- leaving Jordan to fend for the lovebirds in the cutthroat game. But can the reigning champ "keep his head up" in this total madness without his fiancée by his side?

The Dirty XXX finalist was eager to earn her red skull, and following Season 35's sixth mission, called Semi Espionage, Tori volunteered to go into Purgatory. Tribunal member Jenna, who was torn between competing or going home to her boyfriend Zach, decided it was her time to fight for a spot in the final. Ultimately, Jenna defeated Tori during "Dust to Dust"; it was "neck and neck" at the end of the showdown, with Barbie Beast taking it in the end. And of course, Jordan, who was very vocal from the sidelines trying to give his future wife tips, was heartbroken.

"You better not cry," Tori told her beau, after he ran down to give her a hug and slide the engagement ring back on her finger. "I did the best I could. I gave it everything I had."

"I'm squeezing the life out of Tori because I do not want her to leave. this game is not the same for me," the three-time victor said in an interview.

Tori urged him to be "strong," to keep his "head up" and "stay sane." But deep down, she was worried about her soul mate.

"I just know his mental health," Tori recently told to MTV News. "I wanted him to be in a good state of mind. I know we had just come off of another season, and it was really hard. Even though he won [War of the Worlds 2], it was still very draining. I just wanted to be there for him, and I just didn’t want him to have to go through that alone."

So will Jordan be able to win for the both of them -- again? And can he endure the madness without Tori? Or are his days numbered (like Cory desires)? Sound off on the elimination and Jordan's chances, then keep watching The Challenge: Total Madness every Wednesday at 8/7c.