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Doja Cat Is Our Knight In Shining Chainmail Thanks To Her Dramatic Lyric Readings

ave you ever heard 'Truffle Butter' recited in a British accent?

All hail Doja Cat, queen of the self-isolation memes. Long may she reign.

The "Say So" singer took to a particularly "Juicy" Instagram Live session, where she was clad in chainmail while turning some particularly raunchy rap lyrics. Yes, you read that correctly. One by one, she turned some particularly golden bars into poetic masterpieces while employing a spot-on British accent. What can we say, except she's spending her time at home the best way she possibly can – entertaining us?

Here she is with some cupcakKe lyrics, because who better to receive this kind of treatment than that absolute legend? Doja can barely keep it together with this one, but we really can't blame her.

This Trump-centric fanfic may very well have you doubled over laughing before you're a full 15 seconds in. Who gave Doja permission to be so ridiculously funny?

Finally, a little "Truffle Butter" from Nicki Minaj, because it was actually begging for Doja to give it the ol' Shakespearean read.

Doja is no stranger to making people laugh, so none of this should really come as a surprise. In fact, one of her earliest videos that propelled her to viral stardom featured her wearing a cow costume, shoving French fries up her nose, and saying "Bitch, I'm a cow." She's always had a strong comedic element to her body of work that she's never afraid to play up when appropriate, and you've got to respect that about her.

That said, who inspired Doja to come through with the chainmail and hilarious reads? Who knew her British accent was so perfectly convincing? And can we get her on the Cameo service doing custom songs? These are important questions that need to be answered as soon as humanly possible.