YouTube/Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree Takes Us For One Last Pinked-Out Ride In Wild 'Let Me Down' Video

The mysterious artist is apparently calling it quits

It's a sad, sad day when Oliver Tree, one of pop's wildest new faces, claims that his new song, "Let Me Down," is his last one ever. But it comes with an off the wall video that you can't help but smile at, depicting a behind-the-scenes shoot for perhaps the worst music video of all time. Tree's charm is the star here and lets us know that, if he's serious about leaving, he will be sorely missed.

Tree rides into a pink room on a scooter for his video shoot and kicks things off by eating a sandwich loudly in to a nearby microphone. After tossing it out of view, he sings the roaring song rather plainly into a swinging microphone. If "bored" had a Tinder profile picture, it'd be a snapshot from this video.

Of course, with Tree, things are never this simple. He begins singing into his own microphone that he pulls out of his pocket, and then he has someone wearing a skin-tight pink bodysuit bring him an adorable baby doll. Tree punts it like a football and then causes a massive storm on set, hijacking a pink umbrella to protect him from the rain. Inexplicably, he turns around and jumps onto the floor and lays there without moving. As the camera zooms out, we see a crew of pink bodysuit-wearing video directors ending the shoot.

Last month, Tree announced that due to the global coronavirus pandemic, he wouldn't be releasing his debut studio album, Ugly is Beautiful, "anytime in the foreseeable future." After suggesting that it could come out in another five to 10 years, he also said that all of his remaining shows have been canceled and refunded and that he has officially retired.

"Thank you for being a part of this epic journey, this year of my life was, by far, the most challenging but also the most rewarding," he wrote. "I'm not good at goodbyes but please know that I love you all!"

Take a look at Tree's final(?) video for "Let Me Down" up above.