'Going To Heaven': Mackenzie's Mom Angie Loses Her Battle On Teen Mom OG

The MTV mother and grandmother succumbed to cancer

"Love everybody -- don't spend any time hating. Just love everybody."

Mackenzie's mom Angie once stated the valuable quote above. During tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the MTV mother/grandmother's final appearance on the series -- before succumbing to a brave battle with cancer in December 2019 -- featured her uttering the same sentiment.

"I love you guys," Angie told her family, as they circled around her bedside. Moments prior, Angie -- who has been featured on this network since 2012 when 16 and Pregnant Season 4 debuted -- learned that her house had been paid off and there was no need to "worry anymore."

Following Angie's death (Mackenzie told her son Gannon prior to the passing that his grandma was "going to heaven"), her loved ones gathered to hold a "final prayer" for the beloved matriarch. The installment concluded with a montage showcasing Angie's special on-camera moments with her family -- including dressing up as "everyone's fairy godmother."

Please offer your heartfelt condolences to Mackenzie and her family, and share your favorite Angie moments in the comments.