YouTube/Walt Disney Studios

Emily Blunt And Dwayne Johnson Share A Series Of Near-Death Experiences In New Jungle Cruise Trailer

From looking wild animals in the eye to swinging across the jungle on a rope, the duo is always in trouble

It's an exciting time for fans of Disney's live-action movies. Not only is Mulan scheduled for release in the U.S. on March 27, but as always, Walt Disney Studios has some other things up its sleeve. And today (March 10), Disney came through with another full-length trailer for its upcoming Jungle Cruise movie, which is slated to hit theaters this summer.

Unlike its live-action predecessors, the action-packed movie is not based on any of Disney's prior animated films. Instead, the entire flick — starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson — is actually based on the popular Disneyland attraction of the same name. And between the previous trailer and this brand new one, it seems like the movie will be just as quirky and adventurous as the ride itself.

The trailer kicks off with Blunt and Johnson's characters, Lily and Frank, sitting by a campfire. It's here that Lily — described as an "explorer on a research mission" — reveals the ultimate goal of her voyage. "There is a legend in the jungles of the Amazon of a tree that heals all," she says. "It could change the world, but if it gets in the wrong hands, it could awaken a great evil."

What she doesn't know, however, is that no one's been searching for this tree longer than Frank, who's a riverboat caption. "I've been looking for this tree longer than anybody," he says. "I've tracked the legend at every village, every island, nothing." And after years of searching and coming up short, he's pretty much lost all hope. "You're searching for something that can’t be found," he adds.

But Lily's not convinced, and that's because she has something Frank doesn't: a key. Soon enough, both Lily and Frank embark on an epic — and oftentimes dangerous — journey. And on their quest to find the tree they bicker, face rough waters, and encounter wild animals. "Know this about the jungle," Frank warns. "Everything that you see wants to kill you and can."

Will Lily and Frank ever find the magical tree? And more importantly, will they be able to survive the life-threatening, anxiety-inducing expedition? Like you, we'd love to know. But alas, we'll have to wait until the movie is released on July 24, 2020, for any real answers.