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Be Ready To Pounce On This Perfectly Plump Spider-Man Meme

It's perfect for when you need to illustrate the moment before an attack

Regardless of who your favorite Spider-Man is, from Tobey Maguire to Tom Holland, we can all agree on one thing: 2002's Spider-Man was a heck of a movie.

It was the movie that got so many into comics in the first place, the one that spawned a sequel with emo hair Peter, and reminded us how much it hurt when Uncle Ben would pass away. But it was also, apparently, ripe for memes.

There's a new meme in town, born from a simple frame from the movie. One Twitter user, @RottingVale, was watching the classic superhero flick when they noticed the perfect opportunity to snag the perfect shot: Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin with shapely cheeks about ready to pounce on Spidey.

Now, there are some Spider-Man memes out there, folks. There are no shortage of them. This new one, however, has a certain quality to it that should be celebrated. Green Goblin has one thicc, shapely backside, and it looks like he's swiggity swooty, comin' for Spider-Man in general.

But the meme is versatile, as you'll soon see. Here, demonstrated, is the proper way to go about using it. Mostly, you'll see, meme-makers like to label Green Goblin as a person or entity (or idea) that's going to take Spidey by surprise. It's the perfect setup. It's easy to edit, to share, to revel in the perfect weirdness that was that particular Spider-Man film.

Without further ado, here's a taste of everyone's great work.

You may now return to your regularly-scheduled meme programming, but no one would blame you if you hung around and savored this particular setup a little longer.