Justin Bieber's 'Forever' Video Looks Like An Espionage Thriller

It's dancing, but high-tech

Justin Bieber's video rollout for Changes has been impeccable. Each visual keeps you guessing for what can possibly top it next. Whether it's the nature-themed Apple Music exclusives or the dance-loving visuals as part of "The Movement," there's always something unexpected lurking around the corner.

That brings us to Bieber's latest videos for "Forever" and "Take It Out on Me" that both dropped today (March 9). They're part of "The Movement," so it's immediately apparent that we're about to witness something highly choreographed. But these two drastically different clips are more than you can imagine.

The dance-heavy visual for "Forever" isn't like those for "Habitual" or "All Around Me" that focus on intimate and intricate routines. "Forever," rather, centers about a troupe of masked performers, clad in what appears to be styled after riot gear, grooving while lights flicker around them.

It's got a cinematic flair, like when masked baddies break into high-tech buildings protected by lasers in thriller movies. Instead of these dancers getting in and getting out before getting caught, they're content to break it down and look good while doing so.

"Take It Out on Me" is more grounded, finding a group of performers going through complex sets of moves in a dojo. Their choreography is inspired by conflict, with axes and sticks matching fists throughout.

"Forever" features Post Malone and Clever. The song appears on Bieber's latest LP, Changes, that dropped on Valentine's Day. So far from the album, we've received visuals for "Yummy," "E.T.A.," "Intentions," and more.

Check out Bieber's "Forever" video up above.