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Bad Bunny Burned 'Pero Ya No' To A Crisp In A Charizard Costume And Crocs

What can we say? It was totally lit

Bad Bunny may be giving an old flame the kiss-off in "Pero Ya No," but he brought the fire when he performed the track live on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The Puerto Rican star recently dropped his second solo album YHLQMDLG, and with it came a few videos for some of the tracks. But nothing could compare to his blazing late night performance, where he donned a cuddly Charizard costume and some particularly fire white Crocs to balance it all out.

It turned out that Charizard was an excellent choice, as he turned up the heat while spitting bars like "A mí ya no me cachas, yo no soy un Pokémon," or "You can’t catch me anymore, I’m not a Pokémon," in English. Except in this case, he totally was a Pokémon, and you definitely want to try to capture a Charizard if the opportunity ever arises.

Bad Bunny paired the scorching hot Charizard onesie-like costume with some tiny white sunglasses with red lenses as he rapped about how his ex isn't going to be hooking up with him again anytime soon.

This certainly isn't the first time Bad Bunny has stolen the show with his wardrobe. He hit The Tonight Show wearing a skirt and T-shirt meant as an homage to Puerto Rican trans woman Alexa Negrón Luciano. Bad Bunny certainly knows how to make a statement, whether he's looking to immortalize those we've lost or make sure all eyes are on him.

What's next for Bad Bunny's whimsical style? What track will he perform off of YHLQMDLG on the late night circuit yet? And we have to ask since we're here, what level Charizard is he? Seems to us you'd need to have all eight badges to get this fire dragon on your side.