Sigh of Relief: The Latest Challenge Competitors Are Thrilled These People Aren't On Season 35

Guess who was mentioned the most

The Challenge features a diverse roster of players, and there is always a feeling of joy -- and dread -- when the competitors see their opponents for the first time.

So before the 28 men and women face madness on April 1 -- check out the entire lineup here -- who were certain folks happiest not to see? Well, one person doesn't want to "see any of these people."

"Last season [on War of the Worlds 2] I walked in with everyone hating me, and this season I walked in with everyone hating me," two-time champion Ashley reveals in the video below. "So I don't want to see any of these people."

But reigning victor Rogan has no problem naming names.

"Theo. I sent him down to elimination enough times," the Brit states. "I think I would be in trouble if he was about."

Meanwhile, Tori and Jordan do not have the same selections. Find out who they mentioned in the clip above, and keep checking MTV News as we approach the premiere of The Challenge: Total Madness on Wednesday, April 1 at 8/7c!