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Justin Bieber's 'Habitual' Clip Is A Hint Of Autumn During Spring

It's the latest of his nature-themed visuals released exclusively on Apple Music

Just yesterday (March 2), Justin Bieber appealed to the dancer in all of us when he dropped a video for "Habitual" featuring groups of dancers coupled off into loving partners. A day later, he's released the track's official nature-loving, Apple Music exclusive video that returns to the great outdoors and crunches autumn leaves.

In "Habitual," there's a deserted cluster of buildings that takes over for the vast forests of Bieber's previous natural visuals. He hangs out in these weathered structures and kicks up dirt on sandy grounds while walking around. A cartoon version of him floats in the air and falls back down, dissolving as a transition between scenes. Wherever he's at looks extremely relaxing, like it should be the reward for a showcase at The Price Is Right. 

Along with the dance video for "Habitual" that dropped yesterday, Bieber also released an anxiety-inducing visual for "All Around Me" that featured intense choreography while a wall closed around two dancers.

So far, Bieber has also released nature-themed visuals for "E.T.A." and  "Changes." All of these tracks mentioned here are from his Changes album that dropped on Valentine's Day.

Check out the Bieb's new "Habitual" video teaser up above and then look at the full thing over on Apple Music.