(Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

BTS Brought Marching-Band Pomp And Rubber Duckies To Fallon

What. A. Performance.

BTS were the stars of the Monday night (February 24) episode of The Tonight Show, and after exclaiming their love for John Cena and learning how to make sandwiches at legendary pastrami house Katz's Deli, the renowned group took over New York City's Grand Central Terminal for a one-of-a-kind performance of "On" from their recently released album, Map of the Soul: 7.

There's so much happening in it that if you even blink once, you'll miss something important. Keep a handy-dandy bottle of eye spray next to your monitor or TV screen, just in case.

Soul Train isn't back (yet), but by watching BTS's vast army of dancers swing to two sides to allow the group members easy entry, it's clear that if they wanted to, they'd have the funkiest experience to date. Their marching band-like formations that involve dozens of backup dancers morphed into gigantic shapes are beautiful and clean, expertly choreographed to leave you marveling at the scope of the entire show.

"On" energetically stomps in place and vibrates happily off of the walls and floors of the station, enabling BTS and its wide cast of backup dancers to match the song's intensity easily.

It's genuinely hard to pick a highlight from the show. Flinging body limbs and sharp, stale-faced jolts make you scream with excitement, but then there's one of its breakdowns where the group's members pound on drums to their hearts' content that steal excited hurrahs from your vocal cords. Eventually, the show becomes more of a marching band's halftime performance when more instrumentalists join the drummers on stage. After one big energetic and smashing push towards the finish line, BTS finally end the show by turning their backs toward the camera to, finally, take a breather.

BTS were at the maximum level for their Fallon episode. In addition to this wild performance, they also answered fan questions and balanced rubber ducks on their hands while riding the New York City subway.

BTS dropped Map of the Soul: 7 on February 21. Recently, the group sat down with MTV's Fresh Out Live and told the world how they make tunes by themselves. "The way we write our solo songs is that we take the emotions that we feel and put them in the lyrics," one of its members, V, said (when translated into English). "And we try to put them in the songs."

Check out BTS's unforgettable Fallon performance and other clips from the episode up above.