Sarah Paulson Is A Helicopter Mom From Hell In Run

Her home-schooled daughter slowly peels back her disturbing, deceptive layers

Sarah Paulson is serving some serious American Horror Story vibes in her latest movie role.

In the first trailer for Run, Paulson takes on the role of a scarily overbearing mother named Diane, who apparently has a dark secret she's keeping from daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen).

The disturbing thriller, which is encapsulated in a perfectly spine-tingling first trailer, appears to take place mostly in the family's home as Chloe stumbles upon her mother's multiple secrets, which all appear to indicate she isn't who she says she is.


Director Aneesh Chaganty (Searching) has deftly woven an intriguing thriller that looks like it could certainly be its own standalone season of American Horror Story.

"Making the movie was one of the more exciting, invigorating times I’ve ever had on a set,” Paulson told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. "And that’s partly due to the absolute fearlessness of Aneesh and Kiera, and how incredibly game they were, and the creativity that was shot through everybody’s choices. It was a very exciting place to be."


Sarah has quite a bit on her plate right about now. In January, she confirmed that she would be returning to American Horror Story for a brand new role. She had been sorely missed, especially by fans who had come to expect her in every new installation of the anthology series. All that practice in the spine-tingling show obviously prepared her to come out swinging as this bizarrely overbearing mother, which it looks like she's going to shine as.

So you might want to take some time out this Mother's Day to go to the theater and check out Run. Maybe take your own mom with you, and exit with a new appreciation of how you were raised. It looks like this movie mom's got some major issues.