Teen Mom Heartbreak: Rachel Suffers Miscarriage On Young And Pregnant

The devastating loss occurred on the show's season finale

Rachel revealed several weeks ago on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant that she was expecting again -- but during this week's season finale, Hazelee's mom received some heartbreaking news.

"We're not really seeing a heartbeat," the doctor told Rachel, who was with her boyfriend Koty, mother Stephanie and grandmother Janice.

Immediately, Koty comforted his girlfriend, while Stephanie wiped away tears.

"I didn't plan on getting pregnant with this baby, and I didn't really want it to happen, but I just have so much regret," Rachel told her loved ones about the miscarriage.

Her doctor assured her that it "was nothing she did" and "it's unfortunately the way life goes." She explained the next procedure (which would require her to go under) and the symptoms Rachel would experience.

"Can I get birth control while I'm asleep?" Rachel asked, to which the doctor replied, "Yes, ma'am."

Pregnancy loss is heartbreaking and very common. If you or someone you care about has suffered a miscarriage and need support, please visit Power to Decide for resources and help. And stay with MTV News for more Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant updates.