Migos, Young Thug, And Travis Scott Don’t ‘Give A Fxk’ If You Don’t Get Their New Video

There’s so much happening that I don’t know where to start

Migos, Young Thug, and Travis Scott take a trip to a futuristic warehouse in the wildly disorientating new video for "Give No Fxk." Hats off to the director for flinging the camera inside of a hurricane and letting it rattle around for three minutes and 54 seconds. There's a lot going on, so much so that I wouldn't blame you for stopping in-between verses to soak everything in.

So "Give No Fxk" is about, simply, not giving a fuck. "I got too many diamonds on I look awesome," Quavo raps on the chorus. Fuck being conservative with your jewelry! "I got a bulletproof truck, I got the backwards doors on the Royce," spits Young Thug. Who cares if it looks crazy! He doesn't. Everyone here is doing their best flexing and it's absolutely delicious. Scott has one hell of a bar with "All my colleagues say how we live outrageous/ We don't count the days, we just count the payments" and it stings. Being up ahead of the competition has never sounded so energizing.

To match the souped-up song's energy, the video is just as outrageous. The rappers all converge on a warehouse with ultra tacky outfits (or maybe I just don't know high fashion) and energetically perform the tune. Sounds simple enough, right? That's where you're wrong. Thanks to the camera and some spectacular digital effects, the rappers all zoom around the lens like Sonic the Hedgehog. Flashing lights and digital recreations of them compound the effect to bring to your eyes something that doesn't quite make sense. But, then again, look at the title. I doubt that they care anyway.

Migos haven't released an album together since 2018's Culture IIso, hopefully, this is a sign that their next project is on the way. Last summer, they shared the videos for "Frosted Flakes" and "Stripper Bowl."

Check out "Give A Fxk" up above.