Will Young And Pregnant's Kayla Move Back Home -- Or Stay With Luke?

Whatever she decides, the mom of two says, 'Either way, I lose'

Kayla supported her beau Luke's move to Iowa and uprooted her life in Illinois. But during tonight's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant episode, the mother of two confessed she was extremely homesick and contemplated her future in Dubuque.

"I knew you were going to be gone a lot when I decided to come out here, but I think it's just harder than I thought it was going to be," she told the basketball player. "Like, you don't have to go drinking until 3am. What's going on?"

Even though Luke insisted "nothing is going on," Kayla expressed to him that she felt like he was "obligated" to bring her and the kids to this new environment.

"I just feel like either way, I lose," Kayla explained. "If I stay out here, I lose because I'm lonely and sh*t. If I go back to DeKalb, I don't get to be with you."

Luke wanted his girlfriend to "give it a bit more time before doing anything drastic," but will she heed his advice? Or will she return to her roots? Give your predictions, then be sure to watch the Young and Pregnant season finale next Tuesday at 9/8c.