This Catfish Threw His Married Brother Under The Bus

So much for family ties

Blood is thicker than water? Not the case for Catfish, the most recent episode of which found a man so eager to absolve himself of blame, he threw his married brother under the bus.


MTV’s latest detective adventure found Nev and Kamie in touch with a woman named Danielle, who’d recently moved from Buffalo to Atlanta for a fresh start. Danielle said she’d been involved with a man named BJ for six years online but that they’d never met or even video chatted. Worse, they’d arranged to get together three times, but BJ had ghosted each event.

Typically, this would be grounds for immediate dismissal, right? Well, for Danielle, it wasn’t so cut and dry. She revealed to Nev and Kamie that BJ had helped her through one of the most painful and tragic events of her life: Two years before, she'd been shot multiple times.

Danielle said her recovery was long and difficult and that even when some of her close friends weren’t around to comfort her, BJ always stepped in, going as far as to help with medical bills when Danielle hadn’t even asked.

"BJ was there for me more than people who were actually at home with me,” she said.

Still, she wasn’t totally naïve to the fact that BJ might be a fake and said if he had lied about anything specific, she was prepared to leave him in the dust.

To help Danielle get closer to the truth, Nev and Kamie began conducting research and swiftly managed to get in touch with a friend who’d commented on one of his Instagram photos. Then, while driving back to Danielle’s to relay their findings, Nev and Kamie received a text from an unknown number that said: “I know who Danielle is really talking to -- call me.”

Immediately, Kamie obliged and found a man claiming to be BJ on the other line. BJ said he knew Danielle well but that he hadn’t talked to her in two years and — *gasp* — it was actually his MARRIED BROTHER Devon with whom Danielle had most recently been chatting.

Danielle was initially shocked by the intel but eventually decided she didn’t buy it. She said BJ had never mentioned having a brother and that the voice she’d been speaking to for years hadn’t changed.

For his part, BJ was reluctant to meet but then finally announced that he and Devon would fly out to put the mystery to bed. But when a car pulled up to Danielle’s, only one person stepped out: BJ.

Immediately, BJ stuck to his story that Devon — who had access to BJ’s social media accounts — had taken over his conversations with Danielle. BJ added that Devon ultimately decided against making the trip to LA because he didn’t want to risk disrupting his family life.

All the while, Danielle grew increasingly frustrated and insisted that BJ was lying. With no one to corroborate BJ’s story, she noted, it seemed impossible.

Finally, with the pressure of the situation bearing down on him, BJ panicked and admitted that Devon had nothing to do with his conversations with Danielle. Devon was real, BJ said, but an innocent party. He then tried to justify ghosting Danielle by claiming she wanted extravagant things, and he simply couldn’t offer them. And so, he said, he felt too ashamed to ever meet.

Ever the skeptic, Danielle still didn’t buy the story and said she’d never given any indication she was after money. And eventually, the group got tired of BJ’s tiptoeing and called him out.

“Here’s the f*cked up thing: The truth isn’t even that bad,” Nev said. “You wasted her emotional time and energy.”

Still, with some private time to talk one on one, Danielle couldn’t completely let BJ go because of his past compassion. She agreed to be friends but said if he lied again, he was out of the picture.

But do you think BJ can stay on the straight and narrow? Or is he a bonafide liar? Share your thoughts, and hang tight for the next episode!