(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

The Jonas Brothers's Sequel To Happiness Begins Is Coming Soon

'What a Man Gotta Do' will be appear on the trio's next release

The Jonas Brothers rocked the stage at the 62nd Grammy Awards last night (January 26), and with their performance of their recently released single, "What a Man Gotta Do, came a taste of a new song and a exciting announcement that a new album is on the way.

Instead of telling fans directly on Twitter or Instagram, or even sending out a news blast, the trio took to Shazam instead, waiting to surprise fans who would use the platform to figure out what song that they were grooving to at the Grammys. Once they searched the platform, a brief video of the JoBros would pop up with an explanation revealing that this unreleased tune is "Five More Minutes" and that it's set to appear on their forthcoming untitled album.

Flashing back to the JoBros astounding Grammys performance last night, the "Five More Minutes" preview came as the trio strolled triumphantly from a b-stage to the main platform, singing a fresh and stirring song about getting more time with a partner. To make his point, Kevin gave his wife a quick, romantic smooch in the midst of their confident stride. Once they made it to the stage, things grew more exciting when they broke into "What a Man Gotta Do" with the help of instrumentalists and a vast group of dancers determined to party until the roof came down.

The JoBros just released their return album, Happiness Begins, in 2019. That LP, which featured "Sucker," "Cool," and "Only Human," was their first since 2013's Live. That they're releasing another body of work so soon means that they're amped, inspired, and ready to give fans what they've been missing for years.

Check out the JoBros announcement up above.