Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic)

Haim Shelve Their Soft Voices For Thick Drumsticks On The Price Is Right

The group appeared on the show for Music Week ahead of the Grammys

The 2020 Grammys are right around the corner, so it's Music Week on The Price is Right. To commemorate the pending awards show, different musicians are popping up to spread a little celebratory cheer with unsuspecting audience members. Yesterday (January 22), Haim were the special guests and gave fans a preview of what they'd sound like as drummers instead of windy folk-adjacent sirens.

When Haim, who were nominated for Best New Artist at the 2015 Grammys, were revealed from behind one of The Price is Right's showcase-hiding walls, they were placed strategically around three drum sets. They began pounding their drumsticks on every instrument that they could find, somehow creating an original beat that the crowd began to cheer to. It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds, but the foundation was laid for Haim's next direction. They each have backgrounds in multiple instruments, so reinventing themselves as masked drummers, maybe with angel wings, would be awesome.

Haim aren't the only musicians to take The Price is Right stage this week. Fall Out Boy members Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump did earlier and both Meghan Trainor and Diplo are set to appear.

Check out their brief appearance up above.