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The Jonas Brothers Bring Back Camp Rock With Their Latest TikTok Video

'I'm SHANE GRAY for crying out loud'

The Jonas Brothers continue to generate some of their best content ever on TikTok.

The brothers continued their streak of meme-worthy clips with a major throwback to the the 2000s on Wednesday (January 22), with an expert recreation of a scene from Camp Rock. They really did that.

The brothers rocked some seriously 2008 wigs as they effortlessly slipped back into their movie roles. Joe was on deck as Shane Gray, who really didn't want to go back to Camp Rock. But brothers Nick and Kevin as Jason and Nate tried their hardest to convince him to return.

Now, just in case you're thinking Shane got out of it and just refused to go back, their ruse worked. He went back to Camp Rock. Obviously.

If you missed, Camp Rock was a Disney Channel Original Movie that not only starred the Jonas Brothers, but Demi Lovato in a lead role. It follows a young musician named Mitchie Torres who aspires to become a professional singer as well as the music trio Connect 3 (the JoBros), who are teaching newcomers to Camp Rock, a summer music camp. Zaniness ensues, as you can imagine. It ended up one of the most popular DCOM movies of all time, too. No wonder it's ripe for

This isn't the first time the JoBros have brought us an iconic scene recreated in their own style. Earlier this month, they posted a hilarious clip that paid homage to one of the most recognizable moments in reality TV history. Joe and Nick brought back the infamous "Don't Be Fucking Rude" scene from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It was truly a sight to behold.

What will the JoBros pull out of nostalgic space time next? They're clearly killing it at their TikTok game, and we can't wait to see more.