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Live From Inside A Hurricane, I'm The Weeknd With Your Kimmel Performance

He sang 'Blinding Lights' while gale-force winds swirled around him

Forget about that old folk tale about the man inside of the moon. The Weeknd was the man inside of a storm in a thunderous new performance of "Blinding Lights" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (January 22).

With some twirling camera work and raining leaves, the singer found a way to stand inside of a Category 5 hurricane and sing as if he was still suffering the effects of licking the frog that sent him into a fritz in the video for "Heartless," which continued in "Blinding Lights." Wearing that now-iconic red suit blazer, The Weeknd's wicked show was unforgettable.

Straight out of a storm-chasing 1980s rom-com (I seriously doubt a movie like that really exists), The Weeknd's grainy and choppy old-school filter set the nostalgic mood of the performance. Flickering cumulonimbus clouds behind him illuminated the bruises from the "Blinding Lights" video that made it clear that he was still in character. While leaves fell around him and the camera twirled like it was being flung around the eye of a natural calamity, The Weeknd remained firmly centered in the middle, forcing himself to get the words out before he blew away into oblivion. If that would have happened, at least he could have breathed a sigh of relief since his frog-induced freakout would have been over.

The Weeknd released "Blinding Lights" earlier this week (January 21). This followed "Heartless," the start of The Weeknd's latest era, that dropped last December.

Check out The Weeknd's weather forecast-worthy performance of "Blinding Lights" up above.