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The JoBros Wrote A Hilarious Impromptu Pop Song While Getting Smashed

'In Bed By Nine' is their latest bop

Day drinking with the Jonas Brothers sounds like a pipe dream. It seems like the perfect getaway from reality, such a hilarious thought that it feels nearly implausible.

Well, thanks to Seth Meyers, we can see what it might be like to get completely hammered and hang out with one of pop's most formidable groups right now. Spoiler alert: It's kind of awesome.

In a new installment of his "Day Drinking" segment (in which Rihanna positively dazzled us), Meyers brought his own brother, comedian Josh Meyers, as well as "brother in an emergency" Jack McBrayer along for a wild ride as the groups went toe to toe in a series of drinking games.

The JoBros and Seth's impromptu family jumped right into it with three special drinks based on each brother. "The First Born" was a mixture of non-alcoholic beer, Alka Seltzer, and Scotch. "The Baby" combined Hi-C fruit punch, Kahlua, and rosé, and had to be imbibed from a baby bottle. Fitting. But the real fireworks happened when a drink "inspired" by Joe, "The Middle Child," was revealed.

"No one's thought of you for years, you're the forgotten child. So we're putting no thought into this drink at all," Seth said of the cocktail. "We're gonna just randomly pour stuff in." None of the drinks sounded particularly appealing.

But when the group was feeling the buzz, both groups took part in some seriously giggle-worthy games, such as identifying photos of famous brothers, matching hairstyles, and even playing shuffleboard.

By the end of the segment, when everyone was particularly sloshed, the JoBros had to write a "Five Minute Pop Song," where they drew fake song titles from a bucket and had to come up with the lyrics and melody in five minutes. Turns out the Jonas Brothers' "In Bed By Nine" is seriously catchy. Is this the secret to their musical success after all?