Positive Result: Rachel Is Young And Pregnant With Her Second Child

Find out how the 'teen mom' reacted

It's official: Rachel is young and pregnant -- again.

During tonight's brand-new episode, Hazelee's mom found out the result of her pregnancy test (last week's installment ended with a cliffhanger), and it was positive.

"I'm literally going to cry," Rachel exclaimed, as her mother Stephanie began to sob.

Immediately, Rachel called her new boyfriend Koty and asked, "What the f*ck am I supposed to do?"

Koty was adamant about keeping the baby, and Rachel could only respond with, "I literally already have a kid...What the f*ck."

Eventually, Rachel ended her call with Koty, and Stephanie emerged and said that the lines (on the test) were "pretty f*cking dark."

"Like it's more common for there to be a false negative than for there to be a false positive," the MTV grandma said. "I knew you weren't being safe. I asked you to get on birth control. I asked you and asked you and asked you." Yes, Stephanie did once state "history repeats itself."

"I literally feel like the dumbest bitch on Earth. I can't go through this again," Rachel told her mom.

While Rachel said there were "options," Stephanie supported Koty's previous stance. "You wouldn't want to get rid of another little Hazelee," she stated.

After the shock of the pregnancy set in, Rachel disclosed her plans.

"At first, I did consider abortion because it's already really hard having one kid at 16 years old and then getting pregnant again at 17," she told viewers. "But me and Koty are definitely going to stay together. I mean, hopefully stay together. That's what we both want, and that's what we both plan on."

She continued: "He's going to be there for this baby and Hazelee, and I'm not going to find another like him, so I don't want to lose that."

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