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OK, Daniel Radcliffe Has Gun Hands Now

'Guns Akimbo' finds Radcliffe in a televised fight to the death

If you thought Swiss Army Man might be Daniel Radcliffe's weirdest movie ever, you haven't seen anything yet.

Welcome to the world of Guns Akimbo, where game developer and online troll Miles (Radcliffe) watches Skizm matches online thanks to the world of streaming. Much like watching your favorite Twitch personality, Skizm matches are all about popular stars annihilating others and racking up death counts, except these streams are all based on real-life competitions. Legally dubious? Sure. Entertaining? Obviously.

One day, Miles is spending some time heckling players in a Skizm stream, and the next things he knows, a group of thugs arrive at his door, beat him into submission, and attach guns to his hands. They're bolted, actually. Think of him as Miles Guns-hands, or something like that. With their new recruit in tow, the gang of hooligans drags Miles into Skizm with them, and he's got to fight for his life. There's just one problem. He's never fought before, and he's totally out of his element. Then again, who wouldn't be in a situation like this one?

It's not a big deal, right? Well, it is when you consider the fact that Miles is going to die if he doesn't kill Nix (Samara Weaving), the current Skizm champ. It's a colorful, raucous ride with hints of Crank, Scott Pilgrim, and Mad Max, and it looks like one of the wildest movies to hit theaters this year, if not the weirdest.

There's action! There's Miles trying to figure out how to put his pants on when his hands are essentially guns! Ergo, there's Daniel Radcliffe running around in his underwear! It's truly a film that will delight all.

If you think it sounds right up your alley, get ready to head into theaters to check out Guns Akimbo on March 5.