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Miley Cyrus Made A Bed Out Of A Massive Guitar Collection

She can't resist a good guitar

Miley Cyrus knows an awesome guitar collection when she sees it.

The singer recently spent time with Billy Idol and producer Andrew Watt for a session. Besides being over the moon about the fact that we could be hearing new music potentially featuring the legendary rocker, Cyrus was particularly excited by Watt's guitar collection. It's certainly the biggest we've ever seen.

So what did guitar-loving Miley do? Pose with a pile of them, of course. You've probably never seen this many guitars in one place before...unless you work somewhere that sells them, maybe.

"@thisiswatt collection or addiction?" Cyrus captioned her snap, where she's pictured relaxing on her massive cache of guitars. Sister Brandi Cyrus was similarly impressed, leaving a simple "WOAH" comment on the image.

Honestly, just looking at the collection really makes you wonder how much cash has gone into curating a menagerie of instruments, and what's in all the cases. Are there more than that, even? There are so many questions.

Miley also took some time out to post a snap of herself posing with Idol and Watt, obviously super psyched about the session.

"Billy Fucking Idol," she wrote. "Miley Fucking Cyrus. Andrew Fucking Watt. #NameAMoreIconicTrio #IWillWait @billyidol @thisiswatt ☠️🖤🏴‍☠️ still waiting ..."

And we're still waiting on new music from Miley. We know it's coming! Cyrus just debuted a hint at one of her first new songs of 2020 back at the beginning of the month in a fun recap video of the last decade, called 10 Years in 10 Minutes. It offered a brief glimpse at what the singer's latest era may sound like but as of yet Miley hasn't dropped a new single just yet.

Hopefully we're in for a series of new drops from the "Slide Away" singer in the next few months, because it's high time for another new Miley era to start.