Compulsive Liar: Did This Catfish Fake Her Own Daughter's Death?

The story of Joseph and Sabrina just kept getting weirder and weirder

Abraham Lincoln once said no man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar, and on tonight’s Catfish, a Denver native gave evidence the President should have extended his philosophy to include women.

As part of the series’ latest adventure, Nev and Kamie met a 26-year-old Phoenix resident named Joseph, who’d been dating his online girlfriend — a 19-year-old named Sabrina — for a little less than a year. Joseph said the two had met as friends on Facebook, and he was so smitten with Sabrina, he was considering moving to her home state of Colorado.

But there were causes for concern. First, Joseph said he initially thought Sabrina was closer to his age, but he then learned she was actually a teenager. In addition, Sabrina had refused to video chat.

Joseph expanded on his story when he eventually met Nev and Kamie in Los Angeles. For one, he'd paid for a handful of Sabrina’s expenses, which included groceries and expenses that had popped up after a tragic death in Sabrina’s family, on which Joseph wasn’t comfortable elaborating. So who died?

Later, as Kamie and Nev continued their research, they discovered that plastered toward the top of Sabrina’ Facebook page was a memorial to her daughter. But sympathies would have to be put on hold, as Nev and Kamie — thanks to a reverse-image search — learned one photo attached to Sabrina’s profile actually belonged to a 26-year-old named Sabrina who had a different last name. And on this page, the woman’s daughter had been featured alive and well within the week.

With few remaining options, Nev decided it was finally time to call the woman obviously posing as Sabrina, and while she hemmed and hawed at first, she agreed to meet at a public park.

And once the Catfish gang finally arrived, sh*t got weird.

A woman who’d been hiding among a row of trees began to flee as she watched the show’s production approach. Finally, though, she sat down and introduced herself as Patricia, a 20-year-old.

Patricia apologized for her lies and behavior and said that her Sabrina charade wasn’t rooted in malintent. Rather, she said, it was the result of the pain of being bullied for being overweight, paired with another tragedy: the death of her daughter.


Patricia said she really did lose a child in 2015 after complications with childbirth, which is why she felt like she had license to act as though she had on her fake profile. But could the group believe her? Kamie said it wasn’t in her nature to cast doubt over such tragedy, but she and Nev observed that Patricia had changed her story at least twice.

A day later, Patricia met the group at a coffee shop, where she eagerly alerted Joseph to a threatening text message from an unknown phone number. Patricia tried to convince the group that the sender must have been Joseph’s friend, noting the number featured included his hometown’s area code. But Patricia had made a critical error — the area code was out of order, meaning the texter was from a different place. Or, perhaps likelier, Patricia had made the whole thing up and had sent the text to herself using a fake number from an online messaging service.

Either way, Joseph was content leaving Patricia in his past, so he wished her the best and jetted off to Arizona, leaving one of the strangest Catfish stories unresolved. Still, it seemed Patricia had learned at least some small lesson from the experience. During a catchup call with Nev and Kamie two months later, she said she'd actually begun dating a woman, and was no longer scheming from behind the computer screen.

For all we know, though, it could have been just another ruse. Have we gotten the full story? Or, has Patricia simply expanded on her existing web of lies?

What do you think — is it possible Patricia faked the text, and — horribly — could she have even lied about her daughter’s death? Share your thoughts, and hang tight for the next episode!