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Forget Gotham, Jared Leto Is A Literal Bat Man In Morbius

Plus, a surprise cameo from Michael Keaton's Vulture

Jared Leto is embracing the darkness in the first full-length trailer for Spider-Man spinoff Morbius.

Leto takes on the role of the titular vampire in this creepy film with plenty of gothic sensibilities. As we see in our first look at the film, he's a bit different than your average bloodsucker.

Dr. Michael Morbius is a biochemist who suffered from a rare blood disease. He spent most of his time and money researching the disorder he'd contracted, all the while conducting experiments using vampire bat DNA. Though he searched high and low for some type of cure to bring him back to normal, he failed to do so.

But he succeeded in becoming a "living vampire." Dr. Morbius lived on, transcending the trappings thrust upon him by the debilitating disease. Instead, he received many of the same powers a stereotypical vampire might have: superhuman strength and speed, a healing factor that makes sure bullets are no problem, and an unquenchable thirst for blood. Unfortunately, that also makes him a prime target for the sun, which can burn him to a crisp.

And while he may look like your classic vampire (with a much more bat-centric appearance), he's actually fighting for the side of good alongside Spider-Man and other members of the MCU, at least throughout the comic continuity. It looks like things may be more complicated than that in the film, though it's hard to say how just yet. Near the end of the cameo, Michael Keaton makes a brief appearance as well, but it's unclear if he's reprising his role from Spider-Man: Homecoming as Vulture or not.

Leto will be joined by the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith, as Loxias Crown, Jared Harris as Morbius's mentor, Tyrese Gibson as FBI agent Simon Stroud, and True Detective's Adria Arjona as Martine Bancroft, Morbius's love interest.

Morbius is set to debut in theaters everywhere on July 21, 2020.