Assigning Blame: Was This Week's Catfish Villain Nicole Or Amanda?

If you thought the Ukraine scandal was complex, just wait

Do Catfish have lips? Because the show’s most recent episode featured the series’ boldest whistleblower yet.

Nev and Kamie’s latest caper began with an anonymous message from someone who called herself “Baby A,” a shadowy figure who warned that a San Antonio resident named Jesus was being duped. Jesus, 21, had been online dating someone named Nikki, Baby A said, before adding that she personally knew Nikki, who was bad news.

But could the duo trust the word of a stranger? To get a better sense of the situation, they traveled to visit Jesus in Texas.

Jesus, a student, said he’d been romantically linked to someone for about a year and explained that he’d received a text from the same whistleblower before but that he had never encountered anyone named Nikki. His girlfriend, he said, was named Alexis, and when the group paired Alexis’ photos against the whistleblower’s images of Nikki, Jesus seemed right — the girls were clearly two different people.

So who was Nikki? Who was Alexis? And did they even belong in the same story? The Catfish crew was understandably confused, but either way, the woman that Jesus claimed to be dating — a 20-year-old mother — was his dream girl.

Still, there were more than a few red flags. After Jesus and Alexis met on Meet Me, they shared only one video call, during which half of Alexis' face was obscured. Further, Alexis asked for money on a handful of occasions.

With too many characters to sort through, Nev and Kamie staked out some alone time together to investigate Alexis’ web identity. Nev, for one, wondered if Alexis was the whistleblower and if her secret message was her first step in coming clean.

That theory, though, was quickly shot to hell when Nev and Kamie discovered that an email account provided by the whistleblower — one that the whistleblower said belonged to the catfish — yielded a series of fake profile registrations. Not only were Nikki and Alexis included in the list, but Nev and Kamie also found women name Julia, Jessica and Tina. Worse, each photo on the account seemed to feature a different woman.

Finally, with few courses of action left to take, Nev and Kamie reached out to Baby A, who agreed to meet at a local park. And if you guessed the “A” in Baby A stood for Alexis, you were sadly mistaken — once the Catfish crew arrived, they met someone named Amanda.

Amanda explained to Jesus that she was formerly friends with the woman toying with Jesus’ heart, and that Nicole — her real name — was “not a good person at all.” Amanda claimed Nicole was a serial con artist who’d gone as far as using photos of Amanda’s daughters to flirt with men in prison.

“I was livid,” Amanda said.

But not as livid as Jesus would soon be.

Because Nicole was a “narcissist,” according to Amanda, she’d likely welcome the chance to meet up and be on camera. Very quickly, that claim proved to be true, and when the group pulled up to the address Nicole had provided, a woman who bore no resemblance to Nikki or Alexis emerged.

Nicole, who’d been making fake profiles for years, wasted no time slamming Amanda for what she called blatant lies. Nicole claimed it was actually Amanda who had lured her into the Catfish world and that she’d only taken over the Alexis account and forged a connection with Jesus once Amanda had set the profile in motion.

“[Amanda] was in this the whole time,” Nicole said.

Nicole admitted she used photos of her cousin to build out the Alexis profile and swiped images of her daughter to serve as Nikki’s avatars. She added her goal was to ultimately make money off of her scheming but nevertheless refused to accept the distinction of villain.

“I’m not innocent, but don’t make me look like a bad f*cking person,” she said.

Finally, though, Nicole apologized to Jesus for duping him. His response? The always-Mr.-Nice-Guy ended things by telling her off, hopping in the crew’s car and driving off to his next adventure, which he said would include no trace of online dating.

But what do you make of the entire tale, and who was this week's villain? Was Nicole the catfish, or was it Amanda? Share your thoughts in the comments!