Will Brianna Really Take It Slow With Her Brand-New Young And Pregnant Beau?

Braeson's mom revealed that she met him on Tinder

Brianna's previous Young and Pregnant boyfriends, Danae and Robert, were fast-moving romances. But during tonight's episode, Braeson's mom opened up about how she's "taking it slow" with a brand-new man in her life and vowed that she's changing her usual dating habits.

"I finally met someone on one of my dating apps, and I really like him," Brianna revealed to her pal Lisa. "We met on Tinder. He's trans, female to male. He's really sweet. He's in Texas right now -- that's where he lives. But he's moving to Oregon in November." She then added that they met when he was visiting his mom.

And even though Brianna seemed smitten, she confessed they are not exclusive and "there's no label on this."

"We're talking. We're taking it slow," she said. "All of my relationships have been, like, we start talking and then like a week later, he's moving in with me. That's how it was with Danae; that's how it was with Robert and everyone else. I have definitely grown a lot. I definitely have more goals, and I definitely know what I want."

In a sneak peek of next week's installment, the two are together. So will Brianna stay true to her word and move at a not-so-quick pace? Or will it turn serious fast? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching her story every Tuesday on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant at 9/8c.