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Rosalía's Spooky 'A Palé' Gets Even More Sinister With Robotic Remix

Gesaffelstein rebuilt the song creepier than ever

Rosalía whispered her rapid-fire raps to the masses with "A Palé" last November. The percussion-heavy song came with a weird video about what goes on at a shipping facility in the dead of the night. With Rosalía doing parkour across giant crates and also sliding along a conveyor belt while masked people work around her, the visual matched the hair-tingling nature of the song itself.

French producer Gesaffelstein has deconstructed the track and rebuilt it into a Frankenstein version of itself and shared it with the world. If you thought the original was chilling, wait until you get an earful of this one.

Gesaffelstein spent hours tinkering with rusted screws and bits for this undead cyborg version of Rosalía's unorthodox hit. There's shaky synths pressed into loudspeakers and replicated across the entirety of the song. Gigantic, robotic claps echo behind Rosalía's soft voice. It's impossible not to envision a futuristic metropolis made of black and red buildings, one where robot police dogs roam the streets with eyeball-analysis technology and bark at everyone for so much as walking under the designated speed limit.

Rosalía's the evil AI ruler who lives inside of a giant computer mainframe, pulling the strings of the government while everyone suffers. The song ends with a long and drawn-out synth line that cuts out with 15 seconds left, leaving you to bask in the aftermath of this guttural roar. It's breathtaking and unsettling, to say the least.

Gesaffelstein dropped his second studio album, Hyperion, in March. The LP features his Pharrell Williams collaboration "Blast Off," The Weeknd-assisted single, "Lost in the Fire," and more.

Check out Gesaffelstein's remix of Rosalía's "A Palé" up above.