Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images

DaBaby Was Arrested On Battery Charges In Miami

The rapper was booked following a robbery investigation

On Thursday night (January 2), DaBaby was arrested in Miami on battery charges. The Miami Herald reports that the North Carolina rapper, born Jonathan Kirk, was brought in for questioning related to a robbery that happened earlier that day. While there, authorities discovered that he had an open warrant in Texas due to a battery charge, and he was arrested. His bond is set at $1,500.

"He was taken to headquarters for questioning, reference a possible robbery," Miami police spokeswoman Kiara Delva told the Herald. "We haven't confirmed his involvement in the case, but robbery detectives were questioning him."

According to TMZ, the alleged robbery for which police brought in DaBaby for questioning relates to an altercation with a promoter. After DaBaby and his entourage reportedly met with the unnamed man, the rapper felt he was being cheated out of earned money. The police report states that the confrontation escalated into a physical altercation after that, leading to two men being punched. DaBaby was detained after that.

DaBaby was also recently arrested on December 23 for marijuana possession in his hometown of Charlotte. The next day, the rapper spoke to news outlets about releasing footage proving that he did nothing wrong in the arrest. "What we got is high-quality audio and video of me doing everything but resisting arrest before they just brought me down here," he said. "And we will be airing it out, and y'all will see how dirty the CM police department just did me on the holidays in front of my daughter when I was putting on a show for my city."